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Los Angeles Times

Taking blood pressure drugs at night wards off diabetes, study finds
Studies show taking blood pressure meds at night may prevent diabetes.
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The Washington Post

Is thyroid cancer the “good” cancer? It doesn’t feel that way when you get it.
Thyroid cancer: the “good” cancer
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Life Scientists

A gene associated with osteoporosis
Int’l team finds gene associated with osteoporosis.
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Health Daily

Hormone Replacement Therapy
HRT New Facts
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Medical News Today

FATIGUE: Why Am I So Tired?
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‘Weight-loss shot’ clears new hurdle – but price may sting a little
Injection may stimulate weight loss
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Endocrine Web

Gut Bug Slims Waistlines, Improves Blood Sugar
The Role of “Good Bugs” In Disease Protection
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Addison’s Disease Diagnosis
Exams and Tests to Figure Out If You Have Addison’s Disease
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California Center for Pituitary Disorders

Headaches in Patients with Pituitary Disorders: Risk Factors and Predictors of Improvement
Headache, Risk Factors, Improvement
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Hypercalcemia of Malignancy News
Soaring costs of drugs hurt patients
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