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Osteoporosis is a process leading to weak and brittle bones which increases fracture risk. Osteoporosis related fractures usually occur in the spine, wrist, or hip. Usually our peak bone mass develops at about the age of about 25-35. Women lose bone mass quickly with menopause, and slowly with age. Men lose bone mass slowly with age.

Bone is living tissue that is constantly being torn down and rebuilt, like the downtown of a large city. Osteoporosis happens when bone destruction is greater than rebuilding. Osteoporosis affects all men and women, and can be easily assessed with a bone densitometry study. Treatment modalities exist to slow bone destruction (resorption) and increase bone formation.

Osteoporosis can be caused by or worsened by endocrine disorders such as thyroid disease, adrenal disease, parathyroid disease, and gonadal disorders that must be considered in each patient.

We can help gauge your fracture risk, and decide on an appropriate treatment.